Final Title Sequence.

In comparison to my first and second draft, I have now added animated titles to add an element of complexity to my film. Additionally I have ensured that the titles only appear on a black background in contrast to my first and second drafts where they appeared on black backgrounds & clips. This makes my opening consistent. I have removed a couple of clips towards the end of the film and replaced them with more relevant clips, as prior to this my opening was more a scene of a film as oppose to an opening.

N.B I am aware that there is a delay with the gunshot however I had difficulty trying to resolve the problem on PremierePro and therefore was not able to change it.




Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 16.32.54.png

I decided to change the titles from what I used in my first draft because I wanted to animate the titles and give my film a more diverse aspect. I think the fade in/fade out effect I have added is effective and gives my film a more professional finish & are an asset to my product.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 16.49.40Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 16.48.14Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 16.48.00


This is my new IDENT concept. After reviewing my old Ident I decided to invest more time in making a more professional looking one that would start my film nicely and make an impact. The ‘LP’ initials seen in my Ident stand for ‘Lunar Productions.’

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 20.01.13.png

I used after effects to make my new ident as it offers a wider variety of animation features in comparison to PremierPro.

Evaluation Question 7.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


Looking back on my progress made from the beginning of the year, It is clear to me that I have made vast improvements. These improvements can be seen not only through my editing capability but through my shot variation. For example through using a wider shot variation, I can make my products a more interesting and intriguing watch for my audience. Improvements can not only be seen in my camera skills but also through the editing programmes I have had to use in the production of my projects. I have firstly become a lot clearer with Premier Pro which I have used in order to piece together my film and establish the basics. In order to add an element of complexity to my work I have then used another programme known as After Effects. Through becoming more familiar with these two programmes, It has gradually made the editing and filming progress considerably easier and thus my products have developed a better standard over the year. 

For my preliminary task I used the 180 degree rule to show a conversation between two people, however the editing of my cuts into each other was not smooth and did not flow well, as well my editing was tedious and lacks a higher level of camera and editing skill. However I believe that I learnt from this experience and have been able to use some of the skills I learnt in the creation of my final opening.

The completion of my preliminary task earlier in the year further improved my confidence with both filming and editing. I was able to use different angles of filming and edit the cuts together more confidently. With this improved confidence I was able to produce a better standard for my final title sequence.  When filming my final title sequence I used a wider variety of shots which I had learnt throughout the year from filming my preliminary and mundane tasks, and thus I was able to improve my editing skills also so that my cuts flowed nicely into each other unlike in my mundane task.

As well as my mundane and preliminary tasks,we were assigned a title sequence task where we had to choose a scene from movie and add appropriate titles. The addition of animated titles through After Effects proved to be massively helpful as I then applied this newfound skill in my final title sequence.

Evaluation Question 5.

How did you attract/address your audience?


To evaluate the way in which I addressed my target audience, I can firstly look back on my target audience survey and interview. After analysing my results on Prezi it was clear that the typical convention of this type of film was to be based in a eery and quiet area. My choice of location was key as I needed it to not only fit in with my background story but also act as the foundation for the tense and scary atmosphere I wanted to create in order to intrigue the audience. Thus I used St Catherines woods. Tv series’ and movies like The Walking Dead similarly consist of some scenes filmed in woodland settings and this inspired my choice in the hope that my product would attract similar audience’s. Another reason why I chose to set my film in a quiet woodland area was because the surroundings are vast, and so this really places an emphasis on the isolation and disorientation of my main character. Another expectation that emerged from my target audience survey was that the main character in my film should be of similar age to that of my target audience . My results dictated that just over 80% of my target audience were under 18, and thus this inspired my decision to make Theo my main character. Having my main character to be of similar age to the majority of my target audience, the audience can relate to Theo and it gives the film a more personal and intriguing experience from the perspective of the audience.

Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product ?


This is Theo, he is 16 and loves watching films on a regular basis and in particular fantasy horrors. His favourite films are World War Z & Shaun of the Dead. He is currently studying & taking his A-Levels at Victoria College. In his spare time Theo enjoys going out with his mates, playing squash, and going to gym. Theo is the typical viewer for my type of film.

Theo enjoys the horror sub-genre of fantasy because ‘I enjoy the adrenaline rush I get from watching them, and also you never know what to expect and you’re constantly kept on the edge of your seat.”  Theo’s ideal fantasy horror film would consist of the supernatural for example a mass zombie apocalypse and a dramatic plot twist.

Theo believes that a fantasy horror needs to have a sufficient build up before heading into the action in order to set the scene and allow the audience to understand the conventions of your film. Theo also believes that the supernatural is an effective asset to a film because it provokes the imagination of the audience and allows them to look deeper into the film.

Evaluation Question 2.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?


To evaluate the social groups associated with my genre product, I firstly had to research who the prolific actors and protagonists are in genuine films of similar genre to my own. For example after watching zombie associated films like I am legend and World War Z I realised that the main roles in these blockbusters are played by adults. However because of this I realised I wanted my main role to be played by a teenager because this contradicts the typical conventions of a zombie horror film. This is Theo, he is 16 years old, and plays the main character in my film. Through my decision to make theo the main role, I am not only challenging the stereotypical conventions of this genre of film, but I am also expanding my target audience to attract teenage viewers as oppose to only adult viewers. Through the main actor being a teenager, fellow teenagers can relate and empathise with theo, and as well as this my adult audience can also enjoy the film through the suspense and tension in which it evokes.